Why Maximizing SAP Solutions is the Highway to a Digital Business

6 September 2017 | Francis Prince Thangasamy, Vice President, IT Services & Managed Hosting, Asia Pacific

Recently, I touched on how the digital transformation race in Asia Pacific is heating up. Numerous businesses today in the region are sparing no expense to digitize their business processes. A great number are driven by the need to win more customers by delivering experiences that capture their hearts and minds.

In this battle for attention, organizations must look at transformation that makes the most out of their business-critical assets. As an authorized premium supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), we help organizations realize digital transformation quickly and securely. SAP business suite touches major business processes—from sales and inventory to finance and HR. Hence, by making the most out of these critical elements, organizations stand a better chance of accelerating their digital transformations. Here are some more reasons why:

1.       Tap into data as a fuel

By maximizing SAP solutions, data becomes a true accelerant for digital transformation. Organizations will be able to consolidate large pools of data from various business-critical functions and non-SAP data to generate big data insights. SAP S/4HANA facilitates the process by providing the cornerstone for all data needs. This database engine helps organizations locate, identify, curate, and enhance data from a variety of places, bridging the gap between IT and lines-of-businesses.

2.       Power customer experience with smarter decision making

With a solid data architecture in place, organizations can tap into the real-time analytics capabilities of SAP platform to gain faster time-to-insight that will yield strategic advantages crucial in today’s digital world. Organizations can uncover service gaps in order to make process improvements. In addition, they can also find business opportunities by incorporating predictive results into more applications and business processes. By making smarter and more effective decisions, organizations will be able to re-orientate themselves to better satisfy the needs of their customers.

3.       Ignite business growth with the power of the cloud

Organizations can tap into the full potential of what SAP has to offer in different environments—particularly the cloud. Latest solutions like HEC allow organizations to tap the productivity, efficiency, and value-added benefits of SAP applications from a fully managed, secure private cloud platform. In this manner, organizations can enter new markets or roll out new services at lightning speed by reducing the implementation time needed to onboard and utilize the applications. Furthermore, this enables them to shift from a CapEx to OpEx model, minimizing up-front costs and reducing infrastructure TCO.

When it comes to digital transformation, SAP assets can be a powerful launchpad for organizations to leap forward. They offer the foundation for tapping the power of data, making smarter business decisions and driving business growth. To harness the full potential of SAP more effectively, organizations can choose to work with a strategic business and technology partner that understands their needs. 

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