Asia Pacific is Getting Serious about Customer Experience. Are You?

10 August 2017 | Francis Prince Thangasamy, Vice President, IT Services & Managed Hosting, Asia Pacific

If you aren't thinking of the customer in your digital transformation, your customers won't be thinking about you. Here's why you need to focus on delivering unique experiences today.

As digital transformation takes Asia Pacific by storm, it is disrupting organizations way beyond the realms of IT operations and business processes. Technologies like social media, IoT, and mobile are changing the lives of customers in the region—and what they expect from companies.

Today, we operate in an experience economy. Customers do not want to hear about generic "products and services". They want to know how brands solve their unique problems, make their lives easier, and connect with them on their own terms. In short, brands need to deliver great customer experiences. Digital provides a great platform to achieve this.

The competition is heating up

The race to deliver digital experiences is growing more intense in Asia Pacific. At CenturyLink, when we surveyed companies in the region with 451 Research, we found that improving customer experience was the top business driver for digital transformation. 44 percent of businesses placed it as their priority, followed by better risk management (43 percent) and reducing costs by boosting efficiencies (41 percent). Interestingly, these findings counter the stereotype that many Asian businesses are primarily cost-conscious. This goes to show that more companies in the region are taking customer experience seriously, making it all the more central to competitive differentiation.

Customers still devote attention to the right experiences

While more customers consume information on mobile and social media platforms, the perception that they have goldfish-like attention spans might not be entirely true. People still set aside time and attention for what they love. For instance, many binge-watch popular shows like Game of Thrones or Netflix series. This indicates that customers are willing to be engaged-if you have rich, engaging experiences that can make a difference in their lives. The bigger issue here is how to make an impression in the sea of voices in the digital space today. Organizations need to re-think the way customers interact with their brand and start delivering what they really want.

Customers connect with brands via multiple touchpoints

Whether it's making a banking transaction or purchasing products from an online store, digital is in everything customers do. They now interact with companies through multiple channels. Expectations for these digital services have also risen. Customers now take for granted conveniences such as banking-on-the-go or shopping on their mobile phones and same-day deliveries to their doorstep. Organizations need to keep up with the pace of demands or risk losing market share in the coming years.

Experience is the name of the game for business success today. Digital transformation is the master key that can help you unlock the potential of IT to drive better business outcomes. Your transformation must impact all aspects of your IT, and free your business to focus on innovation-instead of infrastructure.


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