Deploy data and compute closer to the action

Accelerate data and applications for next-gen workloads via ultra-low latency connectivity and distributed compute.

Forces driving business to the edge
Modern workloads that require high bandwidth and low latency are driving processing to the edge, where the interaction between people and machines is taking place. Businesses in asset- or interaction-intensive industries need a new architecture to help acquire, analyze and act on data where it's being created. Learn what's driving your peers to adopt edge strategies.
need faster transaction times
report that customers want better performance
plan to deploy IT assets in customer locations to deliver new digital services
IDC, Extending Digital Transformation by Delivering Services at the Edge of Your Business, Jan. 2019.
How industries are deploying Edge Computing


A pharmaceutical manufacturer deploys next-level monitoring to increase plant efficiency by predicting when machines will break down.


An international delivery logistics company saves on data transfer costs by using edge resources to better manage its fleet when network access is intermittent.

Public Sector

A city reacts faster to incidents captured on surveillance cameras by implementing real-time video analytics at the edge rather than sending hours of footage to a data centre for analysis.


A major retailer uses data collection robots to gather and transmit vast amounts of inventory data at low latency and high throughput without taxing store networks.

Financial Services

A global banking institution avoids substantial loss of money when dealing with hedge funds by deploying ultra-low latency edge infrastructure to run resource-intensive algorithms closer to stock exchanges.


A healthcare provider improves urgent care response times by deploying IoT devices to deliver vast amounts of patient-generated health data (PGHD) with real-time access to critical patient information.

The CenturyLink Edge Computing ecosystem
Our edge ecosystem brings workloads closer to digital interactions using high-performance compute, automation, storage, Adaptive Networking and Connected Security.
Cloud Core ideal for:
  • AI/ML platforms
  • Big data analytics
  • Disaster recovery
  • SaaS
  • Cloud storage
Market Edge ideal for:
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Video analytics
  • POS transactions
  • Retail robotics
  • IoT
Premises Edge ideal for:
  • Tactile Internet
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
Designed to complete these leading cloud solutions

Get closer to the edge from more places

Our network offers flexible application delivery options over 450K global route miles of fibre with direct connections to thousands of secure technical facilities and data centres that help bring compute closer to the market edge and efficiently run real-time apps virtually anywhere.

Powering data-driven decisions at the edge

Private and public organizations increasingly rely on automated, data-driven decisions to boost business velocity and operational flexibility. Edge computing speeds the collection and analysis of data generated in "smart" edge locations such as factories, cities, transportation hubs and hospitals, enabling the delivery of intelligent, real-time insights people and machines can act on.

Read the IDC report, Extending Digital Transformation, to learn why you need an edge computing strategy that supports modern applications.  

Imaging and AI

Companies can collect, process and view electronic records in hospitals and HD video streams for airport security, in-store customer tracking or factory process monitoring.

Automated operations

Businesses are using AI to track and coordinate factory sensors, warehouse robots, drones in mines, and autonomous cranes at container ports.

Real-time machine learning

Smart factories can automate complex manufacturing systems and processes using real-time analytics and machine learning, which integrate multiple OEMs, networks and protocols.

Augmented reality

Engineering firms are using AR at major construction sites to conduct rich, multidimensional reviews of structural, electrical, HVAC and plumbing design elements.

Cutting-edge tools to accelerate your insights
Take your business from the cloud core to the market edge to the premises edge with unified solutions deployed by an experienced partner with a massive global IP footprint.

Managed Services

Rapidly design, deploy and scale edge solutions with an experienced partner that delivers 24/7 coverage to manage workloads and reduce IT burden.

Dynamic Connections

Seamlessly connect to the cloud in minutes using secure, real-time network provisioning and direct connections to 2,200+ public and private data centres worldwide.

Adaptive Networking

Instantly scale bandwidth up to 3x on- demand and accelerate applications with our powerful, agile network and approximately 450K global route miles of fibre.

Co-Location Services

Deploy emerging applications using flexible, resilient and low-latency connections to CenturyLink services, leading cloud providers and on-premises workloads via our global network.

Connected Security Solutions

Get visibility and control embedded closer to the source of threats, so you can monitor and block security risks to your data, applications and assets at the edge.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Keep your business moving in real-time with fast, flexible and secure solutions designed for edge deployments on hyperconverged infrastructure with additional support for Kubernetes containers.

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