Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall

Keep critical online data secure.

Give Employees and Customers Seamless, Secure Access to Web Applications

Hackers and cyber-criminals are continuously looking for ways to infiltrate your websites and applications. If successful, they can steal your application data, compromise your users and customers, bring down your entire website and wreak havoc on your business.

CenturyLink® Web Application Firewall delivers substantial web application protection from attacks and helps prevent costly data breaches and downtime. Combining multiple defences, CenturyLink® Web Application Firewall accurately pinpoints and blocks attacks without blocking your customers.

While the volume of malicious content and variety of application attacks are growing, organizations like yours may increasingly rely on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications to power your mission-critical CRM, human resources, employee benefits, accounting, billing and email functions. Web Application Firewall Service provides valuable security protection for such applications, at an affordable cost. CenturyLink® Web Application Firewall delivers robust application protection to keep applications running smoothly while allowing your business to adhere to industry and compliance requirements.

The CenturyLink® Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution, is designed to deliver precisely that. WAF offers dynamic ongoing website protection, allowing application transactions only from authorized users and protecting critical data from a variety of attacks, such as hacking, phishing, site scraping, cross-site scripting and parameter tampering.

For any company concerned about security compliance, such as retail companies needing to meet PCI Compliance challenges, or healthcare companies faced with meeting HIPAA requirements, a Web Application Firewall is a wise investment in future success.



  • Fully managed installation, configuration and ongoing management of a web application firewall service based on acclaimed Imperva technology
  • Includes 24x7 Monitoring - to help you react quickly and efficiently to threats as they emerge
  • Inspection of traffic let through the perimeter firewall to the web servers
  • Encrypted traffic inspection of encrypted traffic
  • Proactive blocking of malicious traffic


  • Protects against potential compromises of your sensitive data
  • Industry recognized leading technology
  • Monthly service payment option eliminates the need for constant capital expenditure
  • Detects and blocks malicious web requests; keeping your applications up and running
  • Prevents potential data leakage, by identifying leaks of sensitive data, such as credit cardholder information and social security numbers
  • Provides a critical additional layer of protection to your perimeter firewall infrastructure


Offering multiple defences to safeguard your website and web apps.

Our Web Application Firewall solutions deliver a range of defences to surround your applications with the powerful security they need. These solutions learn to recognize typical user behaviour and application features so they can identify suspicious activity. You manage your service and can see the firewall at work using the online portal, viewing statistics and adjusting management settings as you please

Not sure what level support you need? Call on our full-service team to analyze your current web applications and determine your vulnerabilities with an Application Security Review. Analysis may include a Web Application Vulnerability Scan, Web Application Penetration Test or an Application Security Code Review. These review services can not only set the stage for what you need to do next, but help you identify possible flaws that could, if unaddressed, cripple your website's security and result in costly downtime for your business.

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