Actionable Threat Intelligence

See how CenturyLink Threat Research Labs are assessing, predicting, and detecting exploits using network data and intelligence to help keep our customer's networks safer.


CenturyLink 2018 Threat Report
See how we’re protecting ourselves and our customers with security insights based on what CenturyLink® Threat Research Labs sees across our global network.

See Our Key Takeaways from The CenturyLink 2018 Threat Report

See More. Stop More.

CenturyLink Threat Research Labs – By monitoring large amounts of network communications and internet traffic for malicious activity, CenturyLink Research Labs uses our global footprint to: 

See most of the world’s cyberthreats across our network as soon as they appear.

Look for and identify and alert the world to threats before they become breaches. 

Create a safer, more secure internet using our unique and vast view of the current threatscape. 


Safeguard Your Business

CenturyLink cyberthreat intelligence reporting takes a deep look at the current threatscape, so you can create a safer business based on actual insights.
  • Monitor ~1.3 billion security events per day
  • Monitor over 5,000 Command and Control servers daily
  • Remove ~40 Command and Control networks per month
  • Respond to and mitigate ~120 DDoS attacks a day
  • Monitor over 114 billion NetFlow sessions per day
  • Collect ~357 million DNS queries per day
  • Track abnormal spikes in traffic as an indicator of threat activity
  • Focus on role-based attacks that attempt to manipulate victims  

Learn more about fully-managed Adaptive Threat Intelligence services from CenturyLink. 


Securing the Connected Enterprise Using Network-Based Security

As networks expand, so do risks. Learn how to increase safety during the age of digital transformation, and how our network-based security solution can help.

CenturyLink Adaptive Threat Intelligence
Identify attack patterns and understand threats quickly, so you can adapt and protect your assets with a data driven plan.
What is CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security?
Next-generation security technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence are giving companies the flexibility to react quickly and proactively defend against attacks – wherever business happens.
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