Applied Cyber Intelligence to Strengthen and Protect

CenturyLink uses sensitive and classified information furnished by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to augment your existing security capabilities. We block outbound name resolution of malicious domains and inbound email using that threat intelligence.

Strengthen Your Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Enhanced Cybersecurity Services works by sharing sensitive and classified cyber threat information collected from across U.S. government agencies with CenturyLink, who in-turn, uses that information to block certain types of malicious traffic from entering the network.  Enhanced Cybersecurity Services augments an organization's existing cybersecurity capabilities to better protect US-based entities, the defence industrial base, critical infrastructure, state, local and tribal governments.

  • A fast way to secure your network using sensitive and classified intelligence to actively detect and block threats
  • Available to public and private entities incorporated in the U.S. including state, local and tribal governments
  • Identified as useful protection for Election Security
  • CenturyLink is one of only three carriers approved to sell Enhanced Cybersecurity Services to non-Federal customers
  • CenturyLink meets government Enhanced Cybersecurity Services requirements as an original commercial service provider (CSP)
  • Augments existing cybersecurity capabilities as an easy add on to protect against the highest level of threats 
  • 24/7/365 support by a world-class team of certified and cleared security experts and engineers

Government Approved Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

Network-based inbound email filtering and neutralization using sensitive and classified information

  • Outbound Domain Name Service (DNS) protection and notifications
  • Advanced prevention and mitigation
  • 1, 2 and 3-year pricing contracts available on a per seat basis
  • Support provided 24/7/365 from CenturyLink security operation centres (SOC)

1. DHS collects classified threat information from U.S. Government agencies and EINSTEIN sensors

2. CenturyLink receives threat indicators from DHS into its classified secure environment

3. CenturyLink provides advanced cyber security protection for protected entities   


Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

Examine the details on how CenturyLink-provided Enhanced Cybersecurity Services can augment your security and protect you based on sensitive and classified government-furnished information provided by DHS.

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