Ciena Sustains Rapid Telecom Business Growth with CenturyLink Colocation Services and MPLS

Ciena realized colocation could take their telecom business to the next level and open new revenue streams. CenturyLink Colocation and MLPS enabled them to continue rapid growth without sacrificing cost management, flexibility and reliability.

Increased IT  Agility with Predictable Costs and Service Levels

After managing internal IT resources for years, Ciena had a strong business case for colocation as the smartest path to healthy growth. Scaling their internal infrastructure didn't make sense anymore and Ciena needed colocation with predictable costs and reliable performance to serve their customers. Their entire operation depended on their data center, including video services to customers in the telecom industry-services that could not go down.

Ciena migrated its internal data center to a CenturyLink colocation facility without losing their tempo or disappointing their customers. With colocation experts and CenturyLink's global MLPS network as their backbone, Ciena was able to connect with customers and users around the world while devoting critical resources to new revenue opportunities.


  • Predictable Costs and Service Levels
  • Increased IT and Operations Agility
  • Global MLPS Network
  • Up-to-Date Security and Compliance Protocols for Government Customers

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