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Connect regionally, locally and nationally with our high-capacity reliable, fibre network.

CenturyLink® Optical Transport Services are designed for customers who prefer control over their data through private networking. Optical transport enables organizations to enjoy greater flexibility than other transport options because of the transparent characteristic of wavelengths, which means customers may transport a wide variety of protocols to meet their business needs.

Simple, Private, Secure
Businesses today run on data, so securing your sensitive data is a critical concern. CenturyLink optical transport solutions can help you send data with confidence, bypassing public networks. CenturyLink managed equipment and fibre is supported by network security professionals who monitor and surveil network activity to help ensure the integrity of customer connections.

Higher Performance
High-speed, low-latency connections support time-sensitive applications and provide reliable, predictable performance.

Greater Flexibility
Optical wavelengths provide transparency to higher-layer protocols, simplifying the need for multiple connections.

Proven expertise in managing network solutions, including account management, sales engineering, service delivery and network operations professionals that provide support to all aspects of your Optical Services.

Flexible Designs for High-Bandwidth Needs
Our solutions include options for multiple interfaces, network configuration and bandwidths up to 100 Gbps.

Digital Transformation Demands a New Network Strategy
This ebook, created by FierceTelecom and CenturyLink, shows how intelligent networks are the backbone of a successful hybrid IT strategy.
Hear how CenturyLink Optical Wavelength Service offers dedicated broadband transport connectivity for communication to the Denver Broncos.

Enjoy Greater Capacity at a Lower Cost

Work more productively with our fully-managed transport services.

Optical Wavelength Service
Due to the rapid growth of the Internet, applications, centralized architecture and e-business, it seems you can never have enough bandwidth. Now you can get the capacity you need at a price you can afford with our highly reliable, private, point-to-point service delivered over a next-generation Converged Optical Service Platform (COSP). This solution delivers a dedicated transport network without a large capital outlay or the responsibility of owning and operating network infrastructure. Designed to support redundancy needs and diverse routing requirements, Optical Wavelength Service is an ideal solution for disaster recovery and business continuity applications.

For businesses who require more advanced ring configurations connecting multiple locations, GeoMax provides a custom solution to meet those needs. GeoMax offers multiple interfaces needed for customer connections between data centres, campus environments and branch offices. The GeoMax solution provides fully dedicated facilities including equipment and fibre to support customer networking needs. The service is supported by a full-time network operations centre dedicated specifically for GeoMax customers.


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Designed with Flexibility to Meet Your Specific Connectivity Needs

Whether you need a custom data transport solution or massive bandwidth, you can get it with Optical Transport Service.

Optical Wavelength Service Network Coverage

Optical Wavelength Service
Optical Wavelength Service is a private, optical point-to-point circuit service with predictable, low-latency performance available in large bandwidth increments (1 Gbps to 100 Gbps). The service has optional interfaces of Ethernet, SONET or OTN and is transparent to higher protocols such as IP.

  • Security
    This optical solution is designed for the highest level of security and performance to meet business-critical applications. CenturyLink wavelength solutions do not use IP routing tables like other services, and are completely private networks, minimizing the risk of intrusion and Denial of Service attacks by others. With wavelength services, there is no sharring of resources, each customer has their own private connection.
  • Reliability
    Designed to perform at 99.9% and above availability, depending on configuration
  • Flexibility
    Optical wavelengths provide customer flexibility by supporting multiple Interfaces to meet their networking and business application needs. They include Ethernet, SONET, OTN and Storage Area Networking (SAN) protocols.

Ease of management
Monitored 24/7 network control centre includes fault management of network transport alarms, surveillance, dispatch and fix verification/tracking

Optional Features
Support custom routing requirements (for example, diverse routing needs that are subject to available network facilities) as well as protection switching

The GeoMax service is a highly flexible, scalable, dedicated fibre-optic data transport service.

Each GeoMax system is custom designed for your needs:

  • Custom designs and solutions supported by fully dedicated sales engineers
  • Real-time business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities
  • Delivered on a single platform to help ensure interoperability and operational efficiency
  • Flexibility that includes several protocol and design options
  • Scalable up to 100 Gbps to accommodate high traffic demands
  • Supports optical add/drop capability at the individual customer node
  • Broad fibre footprint that gives you access to thousands of on-net sites

Industry-Leading Architecture and Availability

Optical Wavelength Service

  • Converged Optical Service Platform architecture enables dedicated point-to-point circuits with high bandwidth options
  • Allows individual or multiple wavelengths carrying data channels to be added and/or dropped from a transport fibre without the need to convert the signals
  • Service configuration supports both protected, unprotected options allowing customers to perform their own automatic protection switching
  • Wavelengths can be diversely routed (subject to available networks)
  • Interfaces include:
    • Ethernet - 1 GBPS, 10 GBPS LAN PHY, 10 GPBS WAN PHY, 100 GBPS
    • SONET - OC -48, OC -192, OTN OTU-1, OTU-2, OTU-3, OTU-4
    • Fibre Channel -  1.062 GBPS, 2.125 GBPS, 4 GBPS, 10 GBPS
      Fibre Channel available in metro areas only due to distance limitations
  • SLAs that include service availability, beginning at 99.9%
  • 24/7/365 Network operations support


  • Fully dedicated, highly flexible and scalable solution supporting up to 32 protected or 64 non-protected channels on two fibre pairs
  • Supports point-to-point, multi-point or ring configurations
  • Protected or unprotected options on same system
  • Designed to work with other CenturyLink services including Metro Ethernet for remote office connection
  • Bandwidth/protocols from 1 GBPS to 100 GBPS
  • Wavelength-based protection option
  • Support for multiple protocols in a single platform, including optical interfaces such as SONET, Ethernet, OTN and Fibre Channel
  • Supports Single Mode Fibre and Multi Mode Fibre on select interfaces
  • Transparency, bit rate and protocol independent
  • SLAs that include service availability, customer notification and service delivery
  • Entire service delivery process is project managed by CenturyLink
  • 24/7/365 Proactive network management support

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