Location-Based Analytics


Form a Deeper Connection with Customers

Improve your customer’s experience with comprehensive location and user insights.

Location-Based Analytics solution empowers owners and operators of physical spaces to understand customers in real-time, and then send relevant messages that resonate with their identity and needs. It brings Wi-Fi access and analytics technology together, combining them with social engagement and marketing tools to help businesses gain valuable insights into real-time data-insights you can use to create more personalized experiences for all your customers.

By integrating Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink with our comprehensive Managed Services and Data Analytics Consulting expertise, these next generation capabilities are simple to implement. The solution allows you to gather customer and location intelligence from users' mobile devices or from sensors connected to Wi-Fi endpoints. Then use your analytics and marketing portal, a powerful tool for monitoring traffic and location information, to distribute personalized messages to customers within your venue. With Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink your analytics and marketing portal becomes your central hub for monitoring venue traffic, marketing to your customers and monetizing your data for improved business innovation.

Location-Based Analytics
Solution Brief

Learn why things like “real-time venue flow analytics” make Location-Based Analytics a must-have for venue owners and operators.

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Location-Based Analytics

Integrate venue and customer data for a more profound understanding of your audience.

Location-Based Analytics allows you to shape one in-depth view of your customers through combined data from your CRM, ERP, eCommerce store and mobile apps. It generates meaningful information that you can use to reach customers with messages that foster a deeper emotional relationship with your brand.

Fully-Managed Wi-Fi Connectivity and Advanced Customer Experience Tools
High-capacity Wi-Fi endpoints strategically located throughout your venue deliver faster internet connections and more coverage for connected mobile devices and asset sensors.

  • A custom branded splash page invites your customers to securely sign-on via social media authentication or a short form
  • To offset costs, you can offer advertising space on your sign-on and landing pages
  • Offer your visitors a helpful wayfinding tool. Customers can use a map view to locate their current location within your venue and a filter search for finding their proximity to nearby attractions.

Location and Customer Analytical Insights
Your analytics and marketing portal provides individual authenticated access for administrators and users within your organization for a real-time view of venue activities, real-time and historical reporting and management of marketing tools.

  • Real-time analytics and scheduled reporting for understanding traffic flows, marketing effectiveness and insights.
  • Reports can be run at any time or scheduled to run at a specific recurring time. View reports on specific venues or locations or view venues by customer group.

Marketing and Social Engagement Tools
Manage every step of your customer’s journey based on location, demographic, event or desired action.

  • Integrate your Location-Based Analytics data with customer data from your CRM or point-of-sale systems, as well as customer data from the social channels customers might use to sign in, for insights that more effectively resonate with your customers
  • Send custom messages to different audience segments that you determine
  • Automate your communication to send different messages based on a customer’s actions or a target location within your facility
  • The simple drag and drop Logic Flow tool allows you to easily customize and adjust your responsive environment for hyper relevant communications aligned with your business objectives
  • Extend your reach and credibility by encouraging and enabling customers to easily provide reviews of their experience on industry-leading review sites. The only critic worth listening to is your customer. So if they give you great reviews, this often makes a huge impact on your bottom line.

Want to Engage Your Customers at a Deeper Level?

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A Connection to Deeper Customer Insights

Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink is a comprehensive, single-source solution that includes all necessary hardware, software licences, analytics and marketing dashboard, installation, maintenance and 24/7 proactive application management, monitoring and support.

Fast and secure Wi-Fi features for easily connecting devices:

  • Wireless LAN, MX Security Appliances, Ethernet Switches, SM Mobile Device Management
  • Scales to thousands of sites
  • Traffic acceleration, RF optimization and application-aware QoS for high-throughput, high-density WLAN
  • Device-aware security, firewall and content filtering
  • Layer 7 application awareness
  • Flexible authentication and access control
  • Fully HIPAA / PCI compliant (level 1 certified)
  • Managed Wi-Fi and Application Management Services for enabling optimal uptime and resiliency of your Wi-Fi environment and portal

Flexible reporting features for deep analytical insight:

  • Detailed real-time and historical reports for geo-fencing, zone-flows and heat mapping
  • Presence analytics track all devices present, including those not logged onto Wi-Fi
  • Marketing reports including audience behaviours and conversion rates
  • Reports can be viewed online, exported as PDFs and CSV format
  • API function allows you to import/export data from/to other applications or data pools

Data-driven Marketing features for driving business objectives:

  • Send email and text promotions to different audience types
  • Logic flows for building automated behavioural campaign sends
  • Social engagement tools for encouraging customer referrals and reviews
  • Simple drag and drop landing page and campaign builder templates
  • Personalized sign-in and landing pages
  • Ability to off-set costs with 3rd party advertising space on landing pages


Location-based Mobile Engagement Analytics and Marketing

Our comprehensive Location-Based Analytics solution combines Wi-Fi access technologies and managed services with powerful location and customer analytics, social engagement and marketing tools to help businesses gain insights into real-time venue data and create highly personalized experiences for customers within their venue.

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