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Focus on Effective Communications, Not Time-Consuming Tasks

Email is probably the single most important form of business communication today. And when it doesn't work right, it costs your business time and money. With Hosted Microsoft Exchange from CenturyLink, we manage your email infrastructure and performance so you can simply communicate.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange services provide access to the full set of exchange functionality and is deployed over our fully redundant hosting infrastructure with no single points of failure across our network, servers, and data connectivity. You avoid the cost and frustration of procuring and maintaining license agreements, eliminate up-front capital costs of building an exchange platform, and enjoy reliable, efficient email connectivity that keeps communication flowing.

Features & Benefits


  • Access to email from Outlook, Entourage, and Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Convenient meeting setup on your calendar through group scheduling and availability tracking features
  • Shareable lists of contacts and distribution groups
  • Task assignment and progress tracking
  • Antispam and antivirus protection
  • Collaboration via SharePoint to eliminate emailing documents back and forth
  • Easy configuration for corporate email on Blackberry, iPhone, and other mobile devices


  • Reduce costs and time spent managing complex email platforms
  • Enable employees to access email in a variety of convenient ways
  • Minimize the risk of email server downtime with our redundant network

How It Works

A Powerful Platform for Critical Communications

CenturyLink protects your email communications by replicating your data three times: twice in our primary data centre and a third time to a redundant, geographically dispersed data centre. Our Exchange servers are based on a passive-active cluster server configuration to provide seamless failover when a cluster node is unavailable or is taken offline for maintenance. Redundant and load-balanced exchange front-end servers also increase reliability.

Your data resides on a storage area network (SAN) by EMC, the premiere storage brand. With total redundancy - clusters of disks in a RAID array - if one should fail, the system continues working. Intra-SAN and tape backups ensure there is no single point of failure anywhere in the storage system.


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Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network

Where digital business goes to network
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