Manage All Your Cloud Resources with One Simple Platform

Orchestrate workloads across any cloud or any infrastructure with our
Cloud Application Manager.

Multi-cloud management is complicated. We can help you simplify.

Strip Away the Complexities of Multi-Cloud Management

Cloud Application Manager enables you to easily orchestrate the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds. Simplifying your multi-vendor, multi-cloud management ultimately provides your IT organization with greater agility, flexibility and control for all their application workloads.

  • Achieve greater control and agility via simplified workload management across your hosting environments
  • Improve governance and capacity utilization through automated policy and development conformity
  • Drive IT efficiency and cost savings with improved visibility into cloud, infrastructure and network utilization
  • Expedite time-to-market for new applications via simplified cloud, infrastructure and workload management
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and cost inefficiencies thanks to fit-for-purpose workload deployment and migration

Our tools and managed services offer greater flexibility and workload control across all your fit-for-purpose infrastructures and networks.


Cloud Application Manager Features

Application Lifecycle Management

Automate Application Deployment

  • Auto Discovery
  • Workload Standardization
  • Governance and Policy
  • Financial Management

Orchestration Engine

Application Modeling

Scale, Update, and Migrate Running Applications

Managed Services Anywhere

On-Demand Management Services

  • Monitoring
  • Patching
  • Remote Admin
  • Backup

IT Consulting Services

Transition Services

Single Point-of-Contact Support

Cloud Optimization

Create and Consume Services

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • CenturyLink Cloud
  • Third Party Cloud

Cost Optimization

Billing Consolidation

Workload Migration

Watch the Cloud Application Manager Demo
See our cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure management platform in action.

What Businesses Are Saying About Our
Cloud Application Manager


“Organic way to collaborate…self-service production environments…”


“Easily integrates, saves time and manages complex environments…”



Prepare for Multi-Cloud Success

A multi-cloud management strategy is critical in realizing the full potential of your hybrid cloud solutions–and all the opportunities that come with them.

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