How to Design A Modernized Network Infrastructure?

3 December 2019 | Chris Rezentes, Director, Product Management (Network), CenturyLink Asia Pacific

Enterprises taking the next step in digital transformation of network should align their upgrading strategy to the adaptive networking approach.

Economies, services and the general lifestyle are becoming more digital, connected and automated. Digital businesses in Asia Pacific (APAC) will face a proliferation of connectivity from new IoT, 5G digital cellular and smart city networks, which will heighten experiences of the Internet, online entertainment, mobile applications, multi-platform payments and more.

This proliferation will also bring about a digital ecosystem that is driven by large amounts of data moving from where it is collected, to where it is analyzed, and where it is needed to drive real-time decisions and automated operations.

Your digital business must face the escalation of connectivity demands, at scale and at speed, with a network modernized across the data center, the cloud and increasingly, at the very edge where your business occurs.

Explore why delivering agile IT services at your digital business’ edge is the key to boosting business velocity.

The network is the new data center 

Your network is becoming the new epicenter for increased digital workloads and tasks.

Even though enterprise solutions can span from core to edge, transmitting large amounts of data over the network to the core is cost prohibitive. Hence, modern workloads will increasingly be performed based upon where it makes the most sense.

Adaptive networking is an approach that factors in these demands in the modernization of your network. It calls for a programmable ecosystem that dynamically connects locations and services to information – to provide you with powerful, flexible and multifunctional capabilities – without having to add or overhaul your data center infrastructure or proprietary hardware. 

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The actualization of this approach will be based on the following design principles:

  • Programmable
    A software-based platform that can spin up, tear down and optimize network capabilities on demand, to control the way workloads are distributed, accessed and secured
  • Autonomous
    A self-provisioning, self-diagnosing and self-healing global ecosystem that intelligently guides applications and workloads from their respective locations to a litany of devices and users
  • Instantaneous 
    A network built for reliable connectivity, improved security and low latency access to recent and relevant data used, continuously adjusting workflows and processes while in motion

What goes into the design of a modernized network

At CenturyLink, we see the modernization of network infrastructure as the adoption of new capabilities to enhance your existing network, done in tandem with optimized network control and management, and supported by connected, proactive security for holistic protection of your network and data.

This may be simple in theory but designing these network enhancements can be a complex endeavor. When deciding on how best to modernize your network infrastructure, do bear in mind that:

  1. No two network modernization exercises are the same. Choose customizable and network agnostic options in the market to get started quickly, without having to commit to more infrastructure or hardware.
  2. You do not have to do it all by yourself. Consider managed and professional services to gain ready access to experts, knowledge and resources.
  3. Whatever technology you choose, you want it to draw your operations to where the action is – which again means partnering with a proven service provider that is set-up and ready across the world.

Taking these three factors into consideration for your network upgrade will make it easier to attain the agile, automated and secure network to help you achieve the following business outcomes.

Improve multi-site business connectivity with SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a new technology gaining popularity among enterprises wanting to improve their WAN performance and connectivity to the cloud, but at significantly lower cost. There are different deployment methods to choose from, but the easiest and most cost-effective way is to take up an SD-WAN as-a-service offering from your network technology service partner, where you can tap its SDN and NFV platforms and deep networking expertise, to quickly transform your network from a cost center to a value center.

Case-in-point, Koch Trucking – a specialized transportation services company operating in over 30 states in the US. With that many sites to keep connected on a disparate mix of MPLS, T1 and broadband, the hybrid network eventually became a snowball of integration and management problems.

Learn more about the advantages of SD-WAN modernization
Koch Trucking needed an upgrade urgently, but not at the expense of redoing its infrastructure. By deploying CenturyLink Managed Hybrid SD-WAN, it was able to seamlessly integrate its network to attain drastic improvements for its efficiency and performance challenges. In addition, centralized security, control and visibility across all site locations made network management a breeze, while streamlining of traffic routing to headquarters firewall protects data across the network. 

Manage and deliver multimedia content on a CDN platform

A dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN) can speed up and simplify scaling of bandwidth for multimedia and video content. It is an inclusive platform integrated with capabilities to enhance diverse aspects of your content-centric operations. 

These can range from the handling of massive load fluctuations such as unpredictable flash traffic, to meeting granular demands like the detection of a device’s performance and data consumption for auto adjustment of delivery parameters.

Examples of CDN use cases include:

  • Broadcast video acquisition – in-network acquisition of hundreds of broadcast channels for over-the-top video (OTT) and Internet TV platforms
  • Quality OTT experience – specific architecture for high capacity, high availability and low latency, resulting in rapid and reliable delivery of content to end users
  • Connectivity to leading cloud partners – direct connectivity to major cloud storage platforms on an IP network to easily access the content library for global delivery
  • Enabling new content experiences – ideal for delivering next-gen formats, including 4K/HDR and live streaming VR video
Discover how CenturyLink CDN platform delivers seamless video streaming and far-reaching digital content distribution

Extend point-to-point connectivity with high bandwidth fiber optics

Lit fiber is becoming more cost-effective than ever, making it highly viable to dark fiber as a customized, economical solution with similar scalability and network control as your own network. More than just a bigger, faster bandwidth pipe, lit fiber also supports value additions that let you do more with greater flexibility, such as route diversity and mesh capability from shared Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems.
A leading banking organization in South America partnered CenturyLink to leverage the fiber advantage for its point-to-point connectivity upgrade of regional data centers. To enable a modern network foundation capable of taking off its numerous digital transformation initiatives, it invested in 20G wavelengths from CenturyLink Wavelength Services, which are endowed with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-compliant encryption at the optical layer for in-flight data protection. This allowed the bank to avoid hefty capital outlay and freed it from owning and operating new network infrastructure. 
Learn how The Denver Broncos leveraged CenturyLink® Wavelength Services to bring their fans closer to the game than ever before.

A simpler, smarter network for the complex digital ecosystem 

Adaptive networking is never about undoing or redoing your invested network infrastructure. Instead, it advocates complementing what you already have with what is already available, to significantly boost networking capabilities to meet growing digital demands.
Modernize the network. Transform the business. 

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