Private Line Solutions


Reliable Point-to-Point Connections

Stay competitive with quick access to critical information through dedicated, secure connectivity for voice and data.

Businesses today run on data, so securing your sensitive data is a critical concern. CenturyLink Private Line Solutions can help you send data with confidence, bypassing public networks. With a dedicated point-to- point connection, you get the peace of mind that accompanies greater security and transmission integrity.

Greater Productivity
Easily connect domestic and/or international locations to transmit voice, video and data applications.

Proven technologies provide predictable, low-latency network performance. Dedicated connections help reduce downtime.

Security and Control
Private and fully dedicated, customized solutions enable security and control over your network.

Flexible Designs for High-Bandwidth Needs
Our solutions include options for multiple interfaces, network configuration and bandwidth.

Digital Transformation Demands a New Network Strategy

This ebook, created by FierceTelecom and CenturyLink, shows how intelligent networks are the backbone of a successful hybrid IT strategy.


Private Line Solutions

Work more efficiently and securely with a dedicated connection that fits your needs.

Domestic Private Line Service
Extend the reach of your internal business communications with a reliable, accessible and
scalable private line. This end-to- end private connection protects critical business traffic from
uncertainty and downtime and lets your company deliver growing volumes of data, video and
voice quickly and securely over great distances. Deployed over the CenturyLink network, this
option offers a full range of services to meet all your private line needs through a single

International Private Line Service
Global expansion can come at a high cost if it means patching together a complex array of
international networks from multiple providers—and hoping your systems stay reliable and
secure. CenturyLink International Private Line provides a single, cost-effective solution for
connectivity between the United States and major cities throughout Europe and Asia. This
private, end-to-end connection keeps communication flowing with the speed, power, flexibility
and bandwidth required for today's key business applications.

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End-to-End Connectivity to Keep You Competitive

Now you can have it all, with a reliable, scalable, cost-efficient and flexible private line.

Domestic Private Line

  • Reliable transport service – Scalable support for and integration of multiple applications
    such as data, IP, ATM, voice and video; and flexibility that allows you to build network
  • Cost efficiency – Reduce costs by combining multiple incongruent services (data, IP,
    ATM, voice, video, etc.) over one line with a single channelized interface, and
    aggregating slower speed services onto high-bandwidth trunks
  • Security – Because the telecommunications facility is dedicated for your use, it protects
    the confidentiality of your information, making this one of the most secure services
  • Increased performance – Advanced synchronization technologies help ensure high-
    speed performance for all your private line traffic, from DS-0 to OC-N
  • Continuity of operations – Enhanced diversity routing helps you plan for disaster recovery
  • Minimal delay – Accommodates even the most delay-sensitive applications
International Private Line
  • Security – Multilayered protection prevents unauthorized users from accessing your
  • Ease of management –Monitoring a single circuit instead of several can make it faster to
    diagnose and resolve problems
  • Flexibility – Upgrade transmission capabilities to high-speed services quickly and easily
    to meet changing requirements
  • Budget-consciousness:
    o Competitive pricing is specifically designed to meet your requirements
    o Fixed-amount billing eliminates sudden increases associated with variable-cost plans
    o You get a single point of contact and a single bill, in a single currency and language

Private Line Network Coverage


Proven Architecture and Availability

Domestic Private Line

  • Robust SLAs for 99.999% end-to-end network availability
  • All links are protected with redundant fibre and self-healing ring technology
  • Support for voice, video and Internet
  • Four-fibre, bidirectional line-switched ring technology, the gold standard in synchronous
    optical networking (SONET)
  • Multiplexing (muxing) available at DS-1, DS-3 and OC-N circuit levels; it provides
    flexibility to connect multiple signals and/or locations (e.g., point-to-multipoint
    applications are easily accommodated)
  • Network monitoring and management helps you achieve high levels of performance
  • Domestic Network Diversity Services® provides a point-to-point transmission between
    two CenturyLink network hubs that is provisioned and maintained as a distinct circuit
    from your primary on-net circuit
  • Diversity services are available as follows:
    o Ring diversity
    o Route diversity
    o Single-circuit diversity
  • 24/7/365 customer support

International Private Line

  • Available in major countries in North America, Europe, South America and Asia
  • Multiple circuit transmission types and speeds:
    o SONET – DS1 to OC192
    o SDH – T1/E1 to STM64
    o DWDM (Wavelength) – up to 10 Gbps
    o Ethernet – 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Up to 99.95% availability SLA for point-of-presence (POP)-to-POP protected service
  • Simplified troubleshooting through single-circuit monitoring



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