CenturyLink Cloud® Managed Services

Installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of your critical applications.

Trust our managed services experts to keep your business-critical apps optimized and running around the clock. Using our self-service portal, you can quickly create managed environments for crucial applications like production websites and core back-office services. Best of all, our by-the-hour managed services scale as your business requires - with agility and automation working behind the scenes to deliver for you.

Active Directory

This solution provides tactical maintenance and management of your Active Directory by our team of experts. Services range from coordinated patching during maintenance hours and application log monitoring to installation of SSL Certificates and configuring DNS Server services.



Microsoft IIS

IIS is an excellent platform for global website deployments. CenturyLink provides full Microsoft IIS management through the entire stack, and when you combine this service with the platform's autoscale features your web environments can accommodate seasonal load increases and unplanned spikes in traffic.

Microsoft SQL

SQL Server is the bedrock for Microsoft's expansive data platform, and when you combine it with managed services you will be able to sustain intensely demanding workloads. CenturyLink Cloud will manage Standard, and Enterprise Editions of SQL Server on your behalf.


Certified engineers will handle the administration, maintenance, and support of your database environment and infrastructure. Combine CenturyLink Managed MySQL with CenturyLink Cloud Autoscale and CenturyLink Cloud Hyperscale for a Managed MySQL grid solution that can sustain even the most demanding workloads.

Operating Systems

For a flat hourly fee, CenturyLink engineers will manage and maintain your Windows and Red Hat cloud servers round-the-clock. Common tasks like patching, vendor management, security maintenance, and configuration management will be performed on your behalf.


CenturyLink provides deep expertise and technical support for this open source Hadoop distribution. Our four-node configuration provides an efficient, scalable environment for data processing.

Apache Web Hosting

The most popular web server for nearly 20 years, Apache Http fits seamlessly with CenturyLink Cloud as a managed service. As part of our managed service, CenturyLink will license, procure, install, and administer tasks related to your Apache site.

Apache Tomcat J2EE

Built for Java-based web applications, Tomcat is widely used by Java developers. The CenturyLink Cloud elastic services will handle traffic as you grow, while the managed services team handles the ongoing management and support of your Apache Tomcat environment.


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