Storage and Recovery

High performance storage options and reliable disaster recovery.

From standard block storage to disaster recovery, CenturyLink offers a range of flexible storage solutions that scale with your workloads. Block storage products support up to 20,000 IOPS and can include 14 days of rolling disaster recovery for Premium service, which makes it easy to revert servers and recover data. Our Cloud Object Storage service supports flexible hosting of any type of file, and is accessible for a variety of use cases.

Block Storage

CenturyLink Block Storage is highly flexible SAN-based storage that offers high performance with a minimum of 2,500 IOPS. As your business needs change our solution allows you to dynamically resize disks or add more to match the storage needs of your virtual machine on your own.

Object Cloud Storage

Object Storage offers enterprise-grade efficiency that hierarchical file systems cannot. Every file stored in our object storage is automatically replicated to provide built-in high availability.

Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

Known as SafeHaven, our disaster recovery as a service protects your on-premise and/or CenturyLink Cloud® data and production servers from downtime and data loss. It deploys quickly and includes essentials like live failback, live test failover, and protection groups for data volumes in multi-tiered applications.


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